Why do I feel burned out all the time?

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Why do I feel burned out all the time?

The client wanted to address the extreme burnout and exhaustion that she had been feeling for many years.

The constellation showed us how a child can subconsciously end up carrying the burden and heaviness of her elders’ relationship. This session is also an example of systemic shadow and how it can get carried forward to future generations.

In this case, the energy of burnout belonged to the clients’ mother and grandmother’s relationship. Clients’ mother and grandmother had a very strained relationship(which the client confirmed later) to the extent that the grandmother initially could not even recognise her daughter in the field. She kept referring to her as ‘that lady’ and remained away from her daughter but next to her granddaughter(the client). 

Only when we made some healing movements between the mother and the grandmother, both of them realised their equation and took their rightful positions. They began to actually see each other. And this is what brought some ease and relief to everyone in the field.

As soon as we had started addressing the mother and the grandmother’s relationship, the energy of burnout became ready to leave the field. This strained relationship of the mother and the grandmother was what was troubling the client, and she was carrying the heaviness and the burden of this relationship with her, physically. 

This is also indicative of the systemic shadow. In the beginning of the session, when we placed the energy of burnout in the field, the representative of burnout said that she represents the shadow of the client. However, this shadow belonged to the mother and the grandmother and not the client. The client subconsciously ended up carrying it for her elders.

The clients’ relationship with her mother has also been strained and she is slowly but surely making progress towards finding internal peace in regards to her mother. In the constellation, the final movement of the client towards her mother was still difficult, but she managed it, agreed to the past, and thanked her mother for the gift of life. And even though her mother wasn’t ready to hug her, the client was ready to do that as well.

It is very difficult for a child when she asks for love from her mother, but does not receive it. However, as the adult what we can do is, process our emotions so that we can accept the reality as it is and move forward in our lives with what we could receive from our mother and thank her for the gift of life, which is the biggest gift of all. It definitely is not easy but it is one step towards finding internal peace with our mother, the primary and the most important relationship of our life.

Almost 2 weeks after the session, the client shared with me that her burnout and exhaustion is much less now.

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