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Address & Phone Number

99, Rajouri Apartments, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi - 110064
Mobile: (+91) - 7703833250

Hours of operation

Tuesday to Sunday : 11am to 8pm
On Monday, we rest!

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Where are you based out of?

We are based in New Delhi, India.

Do you conduct sessions and workshops online or offline?

Sessions are conducted both online and offline. Many of our clients are based in different cities and countries so online sessions are offered.

Many workshops are conducted online and some of them are conducted offline as well.

Can we collaborate?

Surely. Please write to us at about your proposal and we shall get in touch with you.

What is your background as a healer and therapist?

Sakshi has been learning and sharing her work and knowledge since 2013. Spirituality called out to her in her early 20s however it has been a long journey towards taking up this work as a full-time profession. Read more about Sakshi and her journey here.

Are you available over a phone call?

Only if really needed. The call has to be scheduled with date, time and the topic of discussion. If the query can be resolved over email or text then that is preferred. Sakshi does not take unscheduled calls.

A 15 min discovery call is offered to those who wish to sign up for personal therapy sessions.
In-between sessions, Sakshi is available over text and email to support her clients.