Tea-Leaf Reading

tea leaf reading

Tea-Leaf Reading

Are you aware that …

… tea-leaves have a language of their own

… like Tarot(and other divination tools), tea-leaves give answers and guidance to our questions

… and that you can incorporate tea-leaf reading to your current offerings and enhance your divination sessions even further

Would you like to …

… sharpen your intuitive skills even more
… peer into the tea-leaves and receive sacred messages for yourself and others
… or just simply learn a divination tool out of curiosity

If you are ready to delve deep into the magick of the tea-leaves then I am ready to hold sacred space for you.

Join the Tea-Leaf Reading Workshop with me this March and let the tea-leaves open up your intuition in new ways. I’d be honoured to help and support you on your intuitive journey.

How does Tea-Leaf Reading help?

Tea-Leaves enhance our intuition and open up our connection to our higher selves, even further.

They deepen our knowledge of symbols, numbers and alphabets as well as various archetypes, be it from animal kingdom or plant world, celestial beings or any other species. Simply put, tea-leaves help us learn the language of symbols And symbols can be interpreted in tea-leaves, clouds, water surface, cards, fire, smoke etc.

And, if you already use divination tools in your practice then the possibilities are endless. You can incorporate tarot cards or oracle cards or runes or crystals etc. with tea-leaf reading, making your sessions more interesting, comprehensive and fun!

In case you do not use any other divination tool yet, tea-leaves are an amazing practice to start with as you would dive deep into the language of symbols and amplify your intuition in different ways.

In addition, tea-leaf reading is still a less explored and a highly attractive form of divination out there today, especially in the Indian spiritual community.

What does this workshop offer?

7 modules to set you up for tea-leaf reading
4 live calls for hands-on practice of tea-leaf reading
A special meditation to connect with the herb medicine
Recorded calls will be available for a limited time
Lifetime support through a Facebook group
A community of tea-leaf seers

Workshop Content

What is tea-leaf reading and why to use it?
My journey with tea-leaves
Code of conduct & best practices
A brief history of tea and tea-leaf reading
Different types of teas for different questions
Different kinds of tea-cups for different readings
The sacred tea-leaf reading ceremony
How to weave the tea-leaf images into a story and deliver the messages effectively and efficiently

Reading on various topics such as –
Relationship, Career, Finances, Energy Signature, Dream interpretation, Spiritual life, Timing, General guidance
At Least 7 layouts(spreads) for the above said readings
A list of common symbols and their meanings

Reading online as well as in-person
Pointers for effectively reading the tea-leaves from my own experience

The workshop content will be delivered in small doses through pdfs and videos, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and have enough time to engage with the course material.


A live call for group coaching and practice every two months after the workshop.


You would have to procure a tea-cup(with a saucer) and loose leaf tea. Detailed instructions are sent a few days before the workshop to all the participants. Also, you won’t need the tea-cup and tea-leaves in the first class, so you would have enough time to buy what you need.

This workshop is for you if you have

an open and curious mind to learn
a desire to enhance your intuition
a desire to connect with the herb medicine

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Sakshi Kalra

I have been learning and offering support through various spiritual practices, therapy and healing modalities for the last 10 years now. I work with people to support them through times of stress, anxiety, recurring life patterns, relationship issues, money blocks, health issues, behavioural problems, menstrual problems, sexuality, addictions, fears etc.

I work with therapies like Inner Child Integration, Past Life Regression, Systemic & Family Constellation Healing, Rebirthing Breathwork in addition to using tools like Shadow Work, Tarot Cards, Tea-Leaf Reading, Bach Flower Remedy, EFT, Reiki and others. Additionally, I love the moon and the menstrual cycle and my desire is to bring menstrual cycle awareness to the world as well.

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