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I have always had a special love and interest towards tarot card readings. And that’s when I came across “The Sacred Circle” and got a detailed New Year Reading for 2022. I thoroughly enjoyed the readings with Sakshi back then and I must admit that her predictions are extremely accurate. Ever since she has been my go to person whenever I need to decide my course of action and I have always found peace after that. She is absolutely amazing and makes the process easier with her comforting voice and non-judgment attitude.

Recently, I had a detailed New Year Reading for 2023 and I absolutely loved every single bit of it. And already excited for the upcoming year. I would recommend reaching out to Sakshi for any sort of help needed.

Ruchitha, Ireland

I was supposed to do this [Shadow Work]workshop last year but due to some emergency at home could not join and so when I saw on Instagram that it was happening, I quickly joined it and I cannot explain how glad I am that I did. There is something in Sakshi’s face that gives you good energy and her calmness, her soothing voice makes you dive deep into yourself. Attending this workshop has been the best gift I gave myself. Thank you Sakshi for what you do and would love to connect again for some other workshop soon. Thank you and heartfelt gratitude to you!!

Neelam Jain, Kolkata, India

I took Past Life Regression as well as Family Constellation sessions. From PLR, I have definitely seen a lot of changes that too very quickly. My personal relationships are improving, I have got receptivity of “why” and I am a bit calmer. Also Family Constellation is helping me witness changes in [my] family, I see a massive change in my father and his behaviour towards me. I am grateful that Universe and Sakshi ma’am always had my back.

My facilitator Ms. Sakshi Kalra is the most patient being I have ever met. She is a fabulous listener and and great mentor. Not to miss, I am deeply grateful for all that was divinely guided by her. I am extremely spellbound to thank her for the deep shadow work she has done with me. Thanks ma’am, I wish you abundance and may you heal many more souls like me. Thanks for making me meet my purpose through our sessions.

Priyanka Kaur, Noida, India

Doing this unique workshop[Reclaim your Period] facilitated by Sakshi was an amazing experience. There was so many learning’s and take backs about connecting with my womb and how the moon cycles influences my internal period cycle. I felt so much joy participating in the processes. There was a lot of sensual and creative release. I could feel myself connecting with my womb and myself more!!

I also appreciated the efforts put in collating all the resources including the worksheets! Having gone through and doing this time feels very helpful! Tracking my period makes me feel connected and powerful! I am grateful to be a part of the workshop. Thank you Sakshi!

Sanjana Agarwal, Gurgaon, India

I did not expect a [Shadow Work]workshop to be such a deeply impactful experience! It caused such major shifts and brought up so many insights and realisations in such a short time. Amazing content, so power-packed and gave us many tools that we can utilise even after the workshop is over. Plus it covered the theoretical aspect also in detail. So glad I could join! Would love to attend more workshops from you.

Harsha, Bangalore, India

After the meet we had for connecting with our ancestors, I felt SO light. The transition from before the session to after was crazy in an amazing way. I was feeling so heavy and chaotic, but after that session I felt so light immediately after it was over. And the meet for connecting with the divine feminine made me feel so much safer and I feel more feminine after it. I feel supported by the Goddesses and I feel so much more grounded.

A lot is changing for me because of your sessions. My FC was phenomenal. It brought in SO many subtle shifts. I feel safer, more feminine, less held-back and uptight, lighter. I came to the FC with the complaint of having a feeling of pressure and blockage in my head, and after the session it was gone. Even my back pain which was brought up in the FC was gone. I still have pains in my head and back but the specific pains that I had before are gone. I can feel the change although I can’t explain it. I feel so much lighter now. Looking forward to more healing sessions from you.

Lots and lots of gratitude for the work you’re doing 

Ooha Maruri, Hyderabad, India

The process of connecting with the womb was really powerful! I could feel it’s impact for days! Got some insights on how our periods affect us and also how I was feeling about my periods. This also helped me find out the answer on why somethings were constantly happening in my life. Sakshi, as a facilitator is always amazing! She is so patient and kind and creates a safe space for all the participants! This is my 3rd or 4th workshop with her and it’s always a pleasure to attend workshops with her.

Tripti Bengani, Kolkata, India

This workshop enabled me to be aware of and identify my shadow self – the very first step in our healing journey. The various processes taken up during the course of the workshop were great in helping us connect with our shadow selves. The tools and techniques shared are truly amazing and am sure will be of immense help in healing ourselves.


Overall I loved the workshop but for me, the final meditation process was intense. I did it lying down on my back with abdominal breathing, and during the process, at one point of time, suddenly I could feel a knot in my abdomen region, and couldn’t exhale fully. So I focussed on trying to breathe deeply with my attention on that knot, and gradually it got cleared. After this I came out of the process feeling calm and blissed out. But the real magic started happening few hours later, when suddenly I felt like writing a poem, which I did after a 5 years gap! And I completed it in a day and a half’s time, and whatever I wrote in it, felt like it was just flowing through me, but from somewhere else. I shared it across different social media platforms, and my poem has received such wonderful response, and truly touched many people. Thank you so much Sakshi!!

Hamsini Srinath, Bangalore, India

Dear Sakshi, I came across your page and decided to join the Shakti workshop not expecting it to be so intense and empowering. Right from the first healing meditation, I cried like a baby. Perhaps years and years of pain and trauma being released. Yet I wanted to do more healing and not stop. The womb healing, womb regression and womb mandala were so powerful; I have no words, I’m simply blown away. I feel so much lighter and blessed that I’ve let go of what was no longer serving me. The exploring sensuality healing was what really surprised me, I was able to let go of my inhibitions. This is my first ever experience being part of a sacred space and I know that it was not random that it was facilitated by you! You were so kind and empathetic and you sharing your story made us feel like we are all one, just different stories. Keep doing the beautiful work you are doing. I’ve found the gateway to my healing through this workshop. These two days were like a mini spiritual reset for my heart and soul. I look forward to more such workshops and personal sessions with you. Thank you for this lovely and divine opportunity to awaken the Shakti within us!

Sia Shetty, Mumbai, India

Tea-leaf reading had always fascinated me, coming across Sakshi’s page & having the opportunity to learn from her was a blessing. She is so patient, so enthusiastic and a giver of knowledge & time, what else does one need to learn a sacred divination tool? I have done a lot of courses & truth be told a lot of mentors do not care once the course is over, but it’s been more than a month the workshop is over & Sakshi keeps encouraging us, taking initiatives to make sure we practice & all of this with a lot of love & patience. Thank you Sakshi for all your kindness & teaching & really look forward to my journey as a tea-leaf seer under your guidance!

Nupur Akotkar, Pune, India

The first time I met Sakshi I could immediately connect with an authentic spiritual healer. Through this [Shakti] workshop I became more tuned with my female energy, not only accepting my femininity as it is, but also embracing being a woman, becoming aware of the privilege life has given me. I experienced healing, connection, sensuality, creativity, new discoveries and true sisterhood through this amazing women’s sacred circle. I worked with my deepest fears and shadows and in return, I received rainbows full of light and an amazing experience. Thank you Sakshi for making this possible for me, I wish every woman could be able to connect and embrace womanhood through this great workshop. NAMASTE!

Ana Rodriguez, Mexico

A beyond amazing experience I encountered in these 2 days of Shakti workshop. I know that I’m a woman but for the first time I realised that I have a womb which has its own personality and voice and how strongly it impacts my life. After many years I am realizing just how amazing my body is. A very big thank you to Sakshi. I can not express the amount of gratitude I hold for making me experience this Shakti I hold. The stories and experiences everyone shared was beautiful. For me the process of healing has begun. I feel like a beautiful and powerful goddess.

A big thank you once again. Goddess Bless You

Swatika Malhotra, Delhi, India

Thanks Sakshi for making me connect with my feminine self. I am so grateful to you for making me realize that it’s safe to be at receiving end as well. The workshop helped me in gaining my power back so that I can manifest my wishes. Connecting with womb experience was something for which I am short of words. Never thought just by listening to my womb I can make bring changes in my life.

Thanks once again for helping me in embracing my Divine Feminine energy!

Roopal Kulshreshtha, Delhi, India

Thank you Sakshi ma’am for the FC sessions and [Shakti]workshop which were eye-opening for me. Because of these sessions and the Shakti workshop, the unaddressed reasons behind the major problems of my life came into light . You made me see the problems, understand them and get my problems resolved because of which everything in my life used to seem extremely chaotic. And moreover, I feel you have nurtured so many people who fortunately have found you. For me, not only your work is healing but also your persona. Your words are extremely healing which make people feel so much at ease to share open- heartedly with you. I am extremely grateful to God for making me meet you and learn and heal so much through you.

Maitali, Lucknow, India

Dear Sakshi, I offer my deepest love and gratitude to you and to the wonderful work that you do. Your sessions came to me like a sigh of relief. The workshop helped me in innumerable ways. It helped me open up to the beauty of life around me and within me. I can finally feel the life force within me and breathe into it. Thank you for giving me such beautiful opportunities to come face to face with not only my shadow but also to the light within me. Love,

Bhavya Kapur, Hyderabad, India

Living in a country like ours it’s fairly natural be to effected by the umbrella patriarchal in some way or the other. From years to not being aware and stepping into your own power, there comes someone out of nowhere as fate destines it and turns your life, not by being your knight in shinning armour but an adorable human who provides you with the knowledge of the power you possess, that is Sakshi and her workshops for me. She has provided me with information and answers to the life long questions that I’ve had with such ease and Grace that it feels almost natural to who she is. With the two workshops that I’ve done with her, the Shadow workshop and the Shakti workshop, I can’t even begin to explain the shift I feel inside of me and how a person like me who was somewhat eclipsed her feminine side in order to be more in tune with the society, finally feels loved. Not by other but by my own self. Sakshi through her sessions has opened the portal of self love and directed my compassion in a way that I can realise my own potential and can be of service of myself and to others. I couldn’t be more grateful for this absolutely beautiful person and her such insightful workshops for carving me into who I am today. Getting connected with her really seems like a call from the universe I am truly grateful to her with all my heart.  Thank you so much for everything!

Shivika Chopra, India 

With your guidance[in Tea-leaf reading workshop], my intuition has developed exuberantly. I am able to interpret my reading carefully. Your expertise in teaching how to deliver messages has put my mind at ease. Thank you for giving me such a magical opportunity to learn and share this journey with the world.

Sowndaryaa R, Tamil Nadu, India 

Thank You Sakshi for bringing this beautiful magic of herb and tea-leaf reading into our lives. I have enjoyed myself so much. I am very happy to be a part of this sacred circle. Keep spreading your magic. Thanks to you I have made new connections and this has opened up a whole new world for me of possibilities and knowledge. Now when I combine tea-leaf reading with other divination tools it makes it so much fun and interesting.

Swatika Malhotra, Delhi, India

Hi Sakshi, thank you so much for the [Tarot & Tea-leaf]session today. I got answers and guidance to all my doubts. I feel very relaxed and at peace after the session as if something in me is pacified. Your presence in itself was very calming and reassuring. Even though I was not thinking about certain aspects of my life, I feel like new doors have opened for me. Thanks a lot again and hope to connect with you again very soon. God bless!

Kshipra Desai, Mumbai, India

Thanks Sakshi for the amazing self healing sessions. I thank God I came in contact with you. With the help of your sessions I have met my true self and started understanding my own needs. You have helped me get through and let go of my guilt which I don’t know since when I was carrying. I have started journaling things which helps me in understanding and healing my inner child wounds. I have more clarity now and better communication. Thanks a lot!

Uma Maheshwari, Pune, India

Highly recommended. Sakshi is really a life-changer. Trust me, I am sharing an honest feedback. Before starting her sessions I felt stuck in my life as in growth-wise, personal and professional both. After taking her sessions, I got clear view of my life, my habits, my negative patterns and beliefs. She shared some useful tools to overcome that. All you have to do is trust her & then the magic will begin

Saumya Singh, Lucknow, India

Emotional Re-set Workshop was my first ever healing workshop and what a start it was! Everything went on so smoothly and entire workshop was extremely well organised. Sakshi and Ujjwal were thorough and efficient. There was a certain calming energy to the way they facilitated the workshop. Their continuous efforts to keep us comfortable and to give us a safe place to fully feel our emotions were heart warming. They patiently explained everything to us and answered all our queries. The location of the workshop was also very beautiful and matched perfectly with the vibe of the workshop. It was quite an immersive experience and the workshop was truly exemplary. Would love to participate again in it!

Anika Sharma, Delhi, India

I enrolled in this workshop[The Circle of Shakti] because something about the themes called out to me. I wasn’t sure what they meant, but through these 3 months I have been equipped with learnings that I hope to carry for a long time. I opened my eyes towards the kind of shame, vulnerability and trauma I was carrying. All of which I hadn’t recognized previously despite being a reflective person. Every session is powerful and it’s only a cherry on the cake to have Sakshi’s brilliant energy drive these. I am super grateful for her to have curated this workshop and provided us this experience from the comfort of our bedroom. I find it difficult to share with people, yet I saw myself talking so much about my life, almost not realizing where I was getting those words from. It was so reassuring to know that a safe space exists for me as I am thinking out loud while trying to understand my own self. Sakshi, my inner child is even more thankful to you for she got reunited with me. Can’t ask for more! Or perhaps I’d want to ask for more such experiences that make me more aware for I am walking back with my biggest takeaway that AWARENESS is the first step towards healing.


So thankful to have attended yet another season , this has taken my learning from previous season to next level. Sakshi is a great healer who heals at the soul level. The knowledge and techniques that she shared during sessions are hard to find outside and force you to think that why you haven’t met her earlier in life . You just need to trust her and she truly can change your life with the magic that she knows. Love and Gratitude to her 

Ruchika Chadha, Delhi-NCR, India

Thanks Sakshi for the amazing self healing sessions. I thank God I came in contact with you. With the help of your sessions I have met my true self and started understanding my own needs. You have helped me get through and let go of my guilt which I don’t know since when I was carrying. I have started journaling things which helps me in understanding and healing my inner child wounds. I have more clarity now and better communication. Thanks a lot!

Uma Maheshwari, Pune, India

I got an opportunity to receive Past Life Regression Therapy from Sakshi. Online therapy sessions were quite enlightening and helped me to a greater extent in my healing and spiritual journey. As a therapist, Sakshi’s approach is quite empathetic, generous and honest. Communication was also commendable before and after personal sessions. I do appreciate the way she provided a safe and comfortable environment during online therapy sessions. I’m so thankful to her and I wish her a very good luck for all future endeavours.


I took PLR sessions from Sakshi and it’s been life changing for me. I was able to find the root cause of my problems. The sessions were so intense that it made me aware of so many things about myself and my life.

So many revelations happened to me. Sakshi was kind and patient enough to answer all my questions and doubts. These healing sessions have been a gift for me and I’m glad it was with Sakshi. She puts her mind, soul and heart into her work which makes it all the more amazing. Trust me the sessions are worth more than what Sakshi charges. I’m definitely going to refer you to people 

Tripti Bengani, Kolkata, India

This is the first time I got my Tarot & Tea leaves reading done from Sakshi. I was not sure what to expect or how to interact but Sakshi made me very comfortable during the session. Her tarot guidance were bang on accurate. And her interpretation of tea leaves reading were very insightful. She was very supportive and encouraging. I had been feeling low and negative since a couple of months. But Sakshi’s aura and guidance was so positive that it rubbed on me. Her guidance was very accurate to the situation I was facing. Overall, the guidance I received through the tarot reading and tea leaf session really helped me connect the dots and make up with a plan to get my life back on track! Thank so much Sakshi for the interactive and insightful session.

Ankita Narvankar, Mumbai, India

Doing the shadow work with Sakshi has been a life changing experience for me. I was looking for a guide when I stumbled upon her workshop. It was like a sign from the universe. Without overthinking it, I messaged her and after a listening to a brief overview, I decided to go for it. It was one of the BEST decisions I have ever taken. I thank my stars everyday for it. She was so warm and open. It was my first group healing session. Infact, I have never been a part of any healing session before this. I didn’t go in the workshop with a lot of expectations but got my mind blown nonetheless. It was one of the most cathartic experiences I have ever had. The exercises she made us do, moved something inside of me. I felt light and hopeful after it. I now have a direction to follow in my journey of healing and I no longer feel lost. I want to heal myself and people around me. I had this breakthrough only because of her. I would highly highly recommend her workshop to everyone who are looking to grow in life. It’s definitely worth it. Lots of love!

Anika, Delhi, India

Hey Sakshi, I have taken loads of online and physical classes in the past 5 years or so on a wide range of subjects. But this class was very different from the rest of them, and I mean that in a good way! Right from explaining the smallest of details to making us understand the basics to making us learn what its interpretation can be, was done in one of the smoothest and best possible manner in my opinion.

The energy in the classroom was something which I have rarely felt before and it felt more like an interaction between friends more than a classroom. Thank You for your help and I hope to learn more from you soon!

Eshan Kokiloo, Delhi, India

Shadow work workshop – this ad caught my attention and I made an inquiry immediately. They shared a number, I made a call and on the other side was Sakshi. I could feel that connection instantly. But more so, when I attended the workshop with her. I would not refrain myself from saying that she has very powerful and stable energies. She would create a safe space where you feel held, heard and healed at the same time. The session with her was an eye opener. Every insight, every vision, every question that you have, she would answer all of it with a contagious smile. It has been just a day after the workshop and I strongly feel something has shifted inside of me. I know there is so much more to come. I can’t thank the universe enough for making me cross paths with you Sakshi.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING ME MEET MY TRUE SELF.

Charu Rajpal, Delhi, India

Hi Sakshi, first of all a big thanks to you for conducting this workshop and keeping it interactive. Words will fall short to describe how blessed I feel that I took the decision of joining your Shadow Work workshop. I feel as if my darker self has come to light. Not that everything is mended but at least it has been acknowledged. And your interpretations of our golden shadow and dark shadow were worth a paid guidance. Again Thank you. Grateful to the Universe for showing this to me via you. Looking forward to more of your workshops…. and a personal session too.

Manisha Pathak, Delhi, India

Sometimes we cover up our emotional wounds or just numb them. That’s where a guide, a friend, a sister comes to mentor you. That’s where you came. You feel all is ok and don’t even realise it and go on about your day that leads to years of suppressed traumas or sleep walking.

Sakshi with her shadow work workshop didn’t only make it interactive, but also got our playful yet dark side into the light which otherwise I would have not even known or wouldn’t want to go in that vulnerable territory. Sakshi you are amazing and it was such a well organised session. And the best part is I met a bunch of other humans while sharing each others’ experience helps you to understand yourself as well. I really felt blessed to be a part of this workshop and meeting so many wonderful souls all because of you. Bless you. Thank you for creating a safe space and lifting each one of us..

Ssana Mukadaam, Mumbai, India

It takes a lot to acknowledge the fact that one requires healing or that a change is warranted. The next challenge is the actual process of change. So thank you Sakshi for opening up this door and paving the path to transformation. It’s a long journey but I am glad route is charted out. The workshop was the flag off and I am glad that you are going to be there at all the pit stops down the road. It was an excellent experience!

Sharadha Gupta, Pune, India

So for the past couple years or a bit more I have been directed (I now understand them as synchronicities) to pursue and explore spiritual experiences and it’s been all self taught and reading and researching and doing workshops on various subjects (spiritual well-being)  One thing led to another. And the beauty of being placed on this path is that you begin to realise and acknowledge a lot of “shadows“ inside of you, and I read somewhere that “spirituality without shadow work is denial“ … that very same day I came across Sakshi’s page and details of her session. I almost did not make it to her session coz of a nasty ankle sprain. I eventually did but to my misfortune I couldn’t complete the 2 days…
The first and only day that I sat through was immensely humbling. My biggest takeaway from Sakshi “when you manage the internal a lot of the external chaos makes sense and sorts itself out”. Sakshi thank you for helping me find the bitter pill and now it is upon me to swallow it so that I allow the release to happen. I maybe now be able to “put the glass down“(you know it of you know it  ).

P.S. you have a very charming presence that is soothing to the weary heart and mind !
Gratitude and Love and Light   May you shine brighter so that some of us can find our light!

Geet, Chennai, India

The workshop on Shadow Work was excellent in terms of it’s understanding. It was simplified by Sakshi very well. The time and efforts taken to explain and discuss group concerns was handled so well and patiently by Sakshi. Sakshi has very good mentoring skills. I really thank her and wish her the best in all her endeavours.


Dear Sakshi, huge gratitude for your amazing insights while conducting this class. I was meant to join your class as I decided to know more about the subject but wanted to learn from Master or Teacher and moment I manifested, I read your post on FB the very next day and the workshop was deeply enlightening and resourceful.

Another aspect was the group energies. In each woman I saw and heard myself too which helped me clear a lot of aspects. I had amazing shifts during this course and on day 1 I was feeling extremely triggered and anxious. Post workshop and on day 2 I had amazing transformation and since then I have changed. I think you helped me integrate a part of me within me and I am hugely thankful and in gratitude for the same.


With divine love ..Nirjara Doshi, Mumbai, India

Hi Sakshi – you are one of the amazing facilitators I have come across. Actually I had come across this concept called Shadow Work but I really didn’t know how to work on it but then every accident happens for a purpose and this was the purpose to attend your workshop. Thanks for the opportunity. Though I couldn’t attend the second half of the 1st day, I could cope up on the 2nd day and couldn’t stop smiling at myself and I didn’t know what was happening but there were extreme shifts in me. I was and I am really happy! And I must say that I could relate to each and every person in the workshop and this is gonna help me big time to move forward. A big gratitude and hug to Sakshi and each and every person. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Ranjini Anju, Bangalore, India

Hey Sakshi, I had attended your PLR webinar few months back and since then I have been wanting to do this shadow work. I believe everything happens at the right time, so I got to know there is something called shadow work this year only and then was guided to your workshop. It really helped me know myself with a deeper connection. Feel blessed to be in this group. As few of them mentioned, I feel so connected somewhere in each one’s story. Thank you so much for your valuable time to make our lives better. Stay blessed 


Karthika Madhu, Pune, India

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading! I loved the wonderful positive energy this particular reading session exhibited. I have always been a big fan of tarot but you are one of the finest! The session gave a clarity and calmness at the same time. And it was ended by a wonderful session of the tea leaves reading. Thank you once again and have recommended it to all my friends! With Best Wishes and lots of healing.

Smita Mishra, India

Hi Sakshi, thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn Tea-Leaf Reading from you. The experience in this workshop with a bunch of people was incredible. Sakshi and the entire group motivated, guided, encouraged and supported me to be comfortable in the live workshop sessions which went well because I finally expressed myself in the last call. The guidance, modules, live sessions and the support I received from Sakshi was amazing. She is one of the genuine people I know and I’m glad to learn from her. She makes everything seem so easy that one does not have to stress in the workshop. Thank you again Sakshi 

Kiran Asrani, Bangalore, India

Hey Sakshi, first of all I would like to share that all my life I have been seeing symbols, feeling energies of people or situations and been trying to seek answers from the universe but there wasn’t a genuine source from where I could learn to do so. And that’s how I connected to you and we had a conversation about tea leaf reading, how it is helpful to connect with the universe. Therefore I joined your workshop and honestly it was one of the best experiences I had this year. My purpose was to learn more about spirituality in general and learn meaning of symbols and energies.

I was able to learn a lot in the past one month. It was an insightful workshop. I hope and wish to continue reading it, applying it for myself and my close ones, also help them find the answers. Everything was well sorted and simplified in the workshop, so there was no scope of confusion. During the workshop I started to see the symbols in the cup. I actually found a direction of where to communicate with the universe. And the answer is Tea Leaf Reading. Apart from learning my first divination tool, I connected with beautiful souls, and this brings me immense joy. So thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity. And wish you good luck for your future endeavours. I am looking forward to take part in your future workshops.

Kritika Saini, Gurugram, India

As a tarot reader who has a strong love for tea, I was deeply fascinated with Tasseography or the art of reading messages from the Universe through tea leaves. I completed a 4 week workshop with Sakshi and have really enjoyed this time spent learning from her. Sakshi very gently guided us as a group to learn, gain confidence in trusting our intuition and learning how to string together the symbols and images as a story. This practical and experiential workshop has opened my mind to receiving even more from the Universe and I am now confident about combining this practice with Tarot for my clients. Thank you so much Sakshi for helping me bring my two loves closer – Tarot & Tea!

Shaina Lulla, Mumbai, India

Thank you for teaching such a beautiful creation by Almighty. I am honored and greatful to you that I met you and learned this beautiful art. You seemed to do everything so flawlessly. You are beautiful and what you are doing is truly amazing. Thank you for crossing paths with me and now being there forever for me. Gratitude.

Shefali Daga, Nagpur, India

Hi Sakshi, thank you for sharing this beautiful modality of reading tea leaves with us. I feel that leaves definitely possess the magic to guide us in the most confusing times. You have been a great mentor and I am grateful for coming across you and all the other group members. You made the classes interesting and exciting. Thank you for holding the space for us. Gratitude 

Divyashree, Delhi, India

Dear Sakshi ,
I offer you my love and gratitude. I came upon your profile on Instagram when a thought crossed my mind to get a 2021 year reading. Instantly I felt that I should connect with you for the year ahead reading so I messaged you and we fixed a perfect time for our session. When I started sharing my experiences with you, you heard them with great interest and patience. In fact we crossed our set session timing and not even once I felt there was any hurry to wrap up the session. I have really loved the approach of your work. I am extremely happy to know most of my answers that I received throughout the session. It has helped me get more clarity and also work on my action plans. Thank you so much for your help and guidance. I will be happy to connect with you again for more such sessions and recommend your name in my circle of influence  
– Love 

Artha Kadamb, Pune, India

I thoroughly enjoyed the session with Sakshi. Her intuition and knowledge is impressive! Her readings were very informative and reassuring. Really appreciate how she guides and is open to answering all kinds of questions. I’d highly recommend her! Thanks Sakshi! 

Bijoya Mukherjee, Bangalore, India

Hi Sakshi, first of all I would like to thank you for yesterday’s wonderful 90 min session. It was very easy to connect with you and have a conversation. It didn’t feel like we were having a conversation for the first time. As I told you that I am a spiritual person myself, I felt that I was in contact with a very pure soul. Thank you so much for your reading, I felt a lot of inner peace. All that you told about me through your reading was quite accurate. I am very grateful to you for guiding me and I look forward to connect with you in future again.

Prerna Tiwary, Mumbai, India

I got my yearly analysis tarot reading from Sakshi. When she first laid cards it was very spot on with my situation without even telling her about it. I felt really free to ask all my doubts. She’s very understanding and non-judgmental. She highlighted the important aspects of life to be worked on which I have been kind of neglecting. So I’m grateful for this experience. Looking forward to more such sessions 

Monika Sahu, Mumbai, India

This was my first reading with Sakshi, it was also my first tea cup reading ever. Sakshi made sure that she doesn’t tell me what I wanted to hear but what I needed to. She’s an empathetic person and talking to her came very natural. I could open up to her easily and she helped me understand the guidance the cards were indicating for me. Her monthly reading for the entire year laid down a very clear idea of what I need to focus on this year in order to move on and heal. I look forward to talking to her soon again. Much love


One of my best readings ever! Thank you so much Sakshi for taking time to get so involved with my life and help me with so much of detailed clarity on all fronts of my life. You not only gave me direction on what I need to do or focus on now, but also made me feel good about myself! Thank you for answering all my questions with such interest and love!

Archana Trasy, Mumbai, India

Hello Sakshi,

This was my first reading with you and it was so satisfying. Good thing was you were aware about my concern and what is disturbing me right now. I got flow of my entire year on basis of that. I could think about everything and accordingly planing so. I was very comfortable discussing anything with you. And my each and every concern and their answers were addressed well by you. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Thanks Sakshi for the wonderful reading. It really helped me get insights into things that would have taken me forever to understand if I had searched for it on my own. You are very intuitive, friendly and during the reading it almost felt like I was talking to one of my friends. So keep doing what you do, I wish you luck and success !! You definitely have a gift 

Hima Madan, Bangalore, India

Thank you for the session, Sakshi. It was easy to connect with you. You answered all my questions with patience and a lot of compassion. Your answers have given me a lot of clarity and a direction to move in for the year 2021.
I really loved the tea leaf session, found it unique and interesting. Loved how you drew the meaning out of it and it joined all dots for me.
Thank you for a fun and super detailed session!

Medha Kalsi, Delhi, India

Sakshi is a lovely soul, warm hearted and intuitive. Her reading is direct, clear and most importantly accurate. I must say I trust her and feel I was 100% comfortable with her during my session. There’s something delicate and private about reading someone’s cards, at least that’s how I see it. Sakshi has an aura that will make you comfortable and seek truth in what she is saying. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and without even telling Sakshi a single thing, she read it to me in my cards. She will only tell you the truth and not exaggerate the situation. Wonderful experience and a delightful person too! Thank you for a wonderful session .

Anukriti, Gurgaon, India

Dear Sakshi
You were amazing, comforting and extremely precise..thank you for being so patient with your answers and not hurrying just to finish off the time slot…your confidence was so soothing.What feels like the end is often the beginning..All set to welcome 2021 with positive vibes…big hugs n a great big THANK YOU

Suni, Bangalore, India

Hi Sakshi, thank you for the reading yesterday. Though we did quite a bit of talk and questions including general past year, life domains, monthly outlook for 2021 AND a tea leaf reading, they were the most enjoyable ninety minutes ever. Loved the fact that you got things right about me from the get go even though we were mtg for the first time. this helped us move to some tough spaces smoothly. You speak in a pragmatic, unambiguous manner which helped me relate guidance to life situations easily. The way you communicated messages from spirit – through cards and tea leaves- also felt quite synchronous. Feeling quite equipped to shift gears and move into 2021  I see myself accessing you whenever I am in a tough spot in the future.

Aparna Ramchandran, Mumbai, India

Hey, this is my first ever energy exchange session[New Year Reading] with Sakshi. I must say she is doing a wonderful job by divinely helping people. She shared all the answers to my question and helped me in gaining clarity. I will implement what she said and will look forward to joining her again. More power to you!


Hello Sakshi,
Wanted to take out some time to say a very big thank you….
Talking to you has given me so much clarity regrading few key points in my life. There are times where we are stuck and just need to figure out the way and you helped do exactly that. Thank you for the patience, thank you for giving out such positive vibes, thank you for the warmth. Both the tea leaf reading and the tarot has given me clarity and some strength to with towards making things right 

Chetana Kundapur, Bangalore, India

Hi Sakshi,

Thank you for detailed reading session. What an awesome experience it was. Never thought I could connect with this much of ease. You made things easier to understand for me. All I would say you are the best  

Love and good wishes   


I am extremely grateful that I stumbled upon the page – The Sacred Circle[on Instagram]. I availed a Tea-leaf reading session with Sakshi, and I got satisfactory answers to all the questions that were unanswered for a long time. This prompted me to go for a New Year Reading and honestly it has been one of my best decisions. Sakshi spent ample time on my questions and guided me through her card reading and tea leaf reading. Highly recommend her to someone who wants to seek spiritual guidance and understand their own situation better. 


I’m so glad I came across The Sacred Circle on Instagram. I’ve been trying to follow new moon and full moon rituals for a while and this is definitely the perfect place to start from. Sakshi was simply wonderful and I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in the group, such beautiful energy! Really thankful to her for holding the space and helping me with much clarity in the process of journaling, self-reflection and intention setting. There were so many takeaways for me especially the meditation at the end which I’ve been practising regularly since the new moon. I’m now looking forward to the full moon healing circle 

Mrudula Neelam, Yoga Practitioner, Hyderabad, India

Such a power pack session. Sakshi’s reading was so much accurate, infact the choice of subject for healing was so appropriate. Absolutely loving the energy. Looking forward to attending more sessions with you Sakshi. Thanks for holding this space. I am so grateful I came across you and took a session with you. Keep going!

Nimita Bahety, India

I really liked the session, the flow..especially. I liked the fact that we had “more” covered in less time. However, I felt the theme did not resonate that much! I have always felt that I don’t have trouble in expressive myself and my throat chakra is very strong!

Besides that loved the drum beats, pillow punching, writing with 5 elements, Tea Leaf reading which transported me to a divination class in Hogwarts!!…loved doing this in a group/safe space.

Yazhini, Chennai, India

I came across The Sacred Circle’s new moon meditation poster through a sponsored ad on IG. The moment I read the poster I knew this is what I needed to attend this new moon. I have been doing lunar cycle rituals and journaling for more than a year now. But I have never dedicated a full ritual to JUST journaling because the process of can get pretty overwhelming for me as my emotions tend to overflow when I write. So I have been looking for someone who can help me channel these emotions in a grounding way and Sakshi’s guidance in the workshop did JUST that. I had pretty strong takeaways. There was a also a message that i have been getting for the last one month but have been ignoring. Her tarot pull was so accurate that this message came to me loud and clear. She is definitely a great channel for divine messages. I am definitely looking forward to learning more from her and would definitely recommend her work to anyone who is looking for the kindest, practical guidance in life.

Pavithra Venkat, Energy Healer, Tarot Card reader, Aspiring Clinical Psychologist, Chennai, India

The answers I was looking for, from so long came to me so easily during the Tea Leaf reading. I felt a powerful release this time[through journaling and meditation] though previously I used to do it by myself. It’s just brought light to the darkness, what I was looking for and that too so easily and effortlessly. Meditation was powerful .


Living wholeheartedly, as the name suggests is all about oneself. Somehow in today’s life we have lost the relationship with ourselves. With all her heart and efforts into it, Sakshi helped me build the relationship with myself which I thought never existed. During these 10 episodes, with every episode talking about a particular topic helped me concentrate one by one on different aspects of building a relationship with self. Some episodes challenged my thoughts, some made me nervous, but having Sakshi as my mentor, I was able to understand and build a relationship with myself. I really enjoyed being part of this and would like to thank Sakshi for her efforts and time, for listening with patience and showing the path. I am looking forward to more of these sessions by her. I wholeheartedly thank her for her endeavour. 

Priti Sehra Sobti, Teacher, Delhi, India

When I read the description of the workshop, the phrases ‘no judgement’, ‘no advice’ captured my attention and I wanted to give it a try to know how exactly the platform works. To my satisfaction, I realised that this is the rare safe space where one can express without the fear of being judged. Over the weeks as the sessions progressed, I found a strong support system in the members of The Sacred Circle. The topics discussed each week have been extremely appropriate and the moderator, Sakshi presided over each session with aplomb. I hope the circle grows bigger and wider so that more people like me can find peace and happiness.

Satarupa Sen, Academician, Nalanda University, India

Sakshi is a beautiful soul. I’m grateful to her for holding a sacred comfortable space for us. This helped me get clarity about certain things. It was like someone was holding a mirror and I was growing by just looking, understanding and observing myself.

Apoorva, Healer, Mumbai, India

I loved how Sakshi taught tea leaf reading. She is very patient and has a wonderful knowledge. The thing I loved about her is the openness she has about listening to her students and taking their interpretations forward in the reading. Thank you dear.

Suniyta P Jainn, Healer, Bangalore, India

Thank you so much for conducting a beautiful Webinar on “Awakening the Goddess Within”. It was a truly divine experience and the thought of the meditation we did that day still brings me goosebumps. It’s exactly been a week since the workshop and I can feel myself more in touch with my inner feminine, the Shakti within. I am on my healing journey and I very often go through days of balanced feminine and masculine however I can feel a shift in my femininity in the last week such that it feels more grounded… My feminine feels grounded which I don’t think I had experienced for so many days together…at a stretch… My creativity is at a peak & I have become more clear of what I want from my heart space. The meeting with [the goddesses]Radha and Freya through your guided meditation has a very important role to play in this.. so Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And I definitely look forward to more of these.

Nupur Akotkar, India

The webinar on ‘Awaken the Goddess within’ was a very powerful one, helping us to connect with the Goddess during the auspicious time of poojas. It helped us understand chakras, the balance between feminine & masculine energy and how to work with them. The meditation that took us to meet the Devi was one of its kind. In my 6 years of walking the path of spirituality, I had never come across a meditation which was so beautiful, powerful and divine. The messages that I received during the meditation helped me come back to my power during these very powerful days.

Prerna Sinha, Healer, Bangalore, India

Sakshi is a very innate healer. I participated in her virtual “Awaken the goddess within” session. She is so resourceful and her guiding voice made a 10 min meditation exercise – simply what I would call magic. Her soothing voice, her efforts to help in fact everything about the session was divine. I think I manifested this as I always wondered about masculine and feminine energies and when people tell you to balance you really don’t know what actually that means. Her session clarified it all. She has a warm radiance and I have so much love and respect for this woman. Even more now. She helped me navigate my thoughts in the right direction during this auspicious occasion of Navratri – a goddess harbouring moment. Sakshi – thank you isn’t enough. 

Aishani Mukherjee, Bangalore, India

In my continuous zeal to know thyself better I get to attend this wonderful session with Sakshi “awaken the goddess within”. This session as named awaken has truly awakened me with the knowledge of different energies (masculine and feminine) present within us.It was so interesting to know how these energies drive us. Sakshi made this space so lively with different activities that she conducted during the session which helped us to relate the knowledge with ourselves. The meditation towards the end of the session took us to a different world where we actually decoded the messages coming our way on this auspicious occasion of Navratri.Last but not the least oracle card pulling again awakened us how to work on these energies and make the most out of it for ourselves. I congratulate Sakshi for holding this space and inviting all of us to this journey of knowing ourselves better. Looking forward to more from her 

Ruchika Chadha, IT Professional, India

We are always busy in our life but a ray of hope and knowledge gives a complete new way of thinking and assessing our life. “Awaken the Goddess Within” has given me this hope and knowledge that there is so much more which we don’t see and understand. I came to know about the unknown facts about our own behaviour and the balance within ourselves.
Sakshi, you always say that whatever you are doing there is a power who is making you do so, for me you are that power who is making me understand aspects of my own behaviour and life.Looking forward for the next opportunity to join you and again have a wonderful experience. Good Luck!!

Tanya Grover, Educationist, Noida, India

“Awaken The Goddess Within” webinar helped me understand the existence of feminine and masculine energies and the importance of the same in our lives. I would love to be part of such wonderful workshops … Sakshi is undoubtedly a great host and the sacred space that she holds for us has now become an intrinsic part of my life. I really liked the meditation at the end of the webinar which takes you to another world.

Shelly Sehra Gaur, Banker, Faridabad, India

Sakshi is absolutely amazing. She answered all of my questions. She made sure that I understood what I needed to know. She got to me on time. She’s very accurate. She provided me with tips and daily practices to do. Also even told me my spirit animal which was really cool. Such a light hearted energy. I appreciate you. I hope your gifts brings you much prosperity and abundance. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Ty’Angela Barksdale

Sakshi is my go to person whenever I find myself confused and lost in the maze of life. The first tarot reading she did for me left me spellbound of the true gift that tarot cards are. Then she took time out for another reading and then one more followed and that’s when I realised that it’s not so much the tarot card reading that calls me to her but it’s because she has a heart full of compassion and light. And that she has the rare true gift of radiating it over to the ones who need some. I now see her the wise ancient soul traveling through time spheres looking out for and healing the ones who yearn for it. Thank you Sakshi. Lots of Love.

Baljeet Singh Marwah, Filmmaker, Mumbai, India

Sakshi is a wonderfully empathetic being, and her empathy and compassion shows in the way she conducts the readings. I had never had either tarot or tea-leaf reading done before and did them for the first time with Sakshi. I found her observations very percipient, and her behaviour totally non-judgemental. She talks to you like a friend and confidante, making it easy to trust her and open up to her. That in itself is one of the joys of having her read the cards or the tea-leaves for you.

Kalika Bali, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research Lab, Bangalore, India

I had been quite interested to know more about how’s and what’s of readings when I first got to hear about the same from Sakshi. Initially Sakshi shared the daily card readings and had been kind enough to answer all my question, many of which were focused more on questioning the belief in the readings then the actual readings.

After that she did a Tea Leaf reading for me. I have always considered myself to be less of believer in readings and this was also more of an experiment to me. But to my amusement, the readings that Sakshi discussed surprised me. Sakshi explained each element of her findings in detail, explanations were easy to understand but not at all generic at the same time. I was very well able to relate to the explanations with each and every aspect of my situation. I have been very well able to relate to the readings and what she could foresee for next few months, practically what is actually happening and reasons behind the same.

I am quite thankful to her for helping me understand things that I could work upon as preventive and corrective measure in pursuit of improving the situation I had discussed with her. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for well thought out and non-flimsy recommendations.

Maneet Pal Singh, Wildlife Photographer and Tour Organiser, Delhi, India

I have known Sakshi for about 2 or more months(since Sept 2019) and it has been a beautiful journey together. To me she comes across as somebody who is very detail-oriented and authentic, and she is quite dedicated to her work.

She has done quite a few journeys from me, going from the realm of ‘reality’ to that of ‘unknown’ and the results have been so perfect! The answers she has got me have helped me work more intensely on myself.

She has also done a tea-leaf reading for me and I was overwhelmed with the answers. I am still in awe of her and the modality she uses to get answers for individuals. The interpretation of the tea-leaf arrangement in a cup is a very unique technique and she is a pro at it.

I will recommend you all do visit her for any of these or more modalities she practices.

Prerna Sinha, AVP, Talent Solutions, Bangalore, India

​Sakshi’s focus, dedication and commitment has been absolutely stellar! She has an innate ability to provide strength and guidance through her words and has helped me navigate some of the most lowest phases of my life. I have come out of her sessions feeling empowered and strengthened to face whatever is in front of me, and that’s why I turn to her and her readings ever so often. I’m sitting continents away from her (literally), but speaking to her makes me feel she is right by my side. More power to you, Sakshi!

​Tanu, Associate Manager, Canada

​”If I have to describe my conversation and tarot card reading session with Sakshi in one word, it would be cathartic. Opening up about your deep feelings in front of a stranger is difficult, but she made the process easier with her comforting smile and totally non-judgmental attitude.

As far as the reading is concerned, this was my first ever tarot card reading experience. I felt that her reading was accurate for all my questions asked. She was patient enough to explain even the minutest details to me. At the end of question-answer session, she gave me tips on how to improve my overall well-being.

There are so many emotions buried deep within one’s subconscious mind that when they influence one’s current state of mind, there is little or no realisation as to how and why certain events play out in your life the way they do or how you react to them.

The reading and further explanation of the cards helped me in understanding the reason behind some of my decisions. Being in touch with your emotional self is a very important aspect of living consciously, and the session with Sakshi has helped me in doing that. I’m in the process of acknowledging and understanding my previous decisions and trying to become better at taking further decisions in a more aware state of mind.”

Ekta Oberoi, Media Professional, Delhi, India

​”I have always nursed a special love for tarot, so when a friend recommended Sakshi to me, I obviously wanted to get a reading done. My session with Sakshi was a long, detailed one where she patiently answered all of my queries. Her knowledge of tarot is remarkable and her advice has helped me immensely through time. Also, if you’re looking for someone to guide you with crystals, she’s the absolute best and I often rely on her for the same.”

Prachi Singh, Writer, Mumbai, India

​”Most of us are not born with an understanding or awareness of energies, though it is all that is present and exchanged around us. Most of us believe in tangible things and if it’s something we can’t see or touch then its existence is puzzling.

When I started being aware of the power of energies, I needed someone to translate their language and interpret what they were trying to communicate to me- residing in my subconscious self. That’s when Sakshi, my energy interpreter, helped me answer, understand and seek meaning in my own energies. It’s not enough to just be aware of the good and bad, what Sakshi does with accuracy and is really good at, is, bring out the several underlying messages from the  subconscious to our conscious mind in order to embrace and accept our emotions and everything they are trying to tell us. By doing that with utmost empathy, she helps us come to terms with our own self to identify any unresolved episodes or events. With Tea leaf reading, she immensely helped me understand my mental agony and conflicts I was going through and with clear signs of looking longingly at the past memories, I knew I had to get right out of my existing mind space to recreate more of these moments to hold on to.

Revisiting old friendships through heart bubbles gave me an insight about how sometimes we just don’t allow ourselves the chance to look at old things in new light, when that’s all is required for a refreshing start.”

​Meenakshi Jha, Homemaker, Brazil

​”I had the opportunity of getting the tea leaves reading done by Sakshi. She had read the tarot cards for me a couple of times earlier and I must admit her predictions are extremely accurate. Hence I turn to her when I need to decide my course of action or I am in distress and based on her readings, I have always found peace. Her tea leaf reading has cleared a lot of confusions and filled my heart with positive thoughts.”

Satarupa Sen, Academician, Nalanda University, India

​”I thoroughly enjoyed the readings I have done so far with Sakshi. One tarot card reading and one tea leaves reading. I am not at all familiar with readings, but I have been curious about how it works and more importantly what it would mean to me. I have to say the reason I enjoyed the readings from Sakshi so much was that she reads the person who she is doing the reading for as much as the readings itself. This means she would always communicate what she sees in a way that I would understand and be able to act upon, be it the feeling of stress that I am yet to reconcile or things I am not yet ready to face. The readings are not just readings, they are therapeutic value to me, it is a way for me to communicate and articulate what really bothers me deep down, openly with a wonderful human being who listens, sympathizes and more importantly empathizes too.

Sakshi is a friend, so there is a layer of trust already there but there is no denial in her ability to build trust with people who she performs readings for quickly and comfortably too.”

Ding Wang, Ethnographer & Researcher, Microsoft Research India Lab, Bangalore, India