Relationship between constipation and grief that travels from one generation to the next

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Relationship between constipation and grief that travels from one generation to the next

The 73 year old client wanted to address the constipation that she had been suffering from a very early age.

This session showed us how the blind love and loyalty of a child towards her mother can make her carry her mothers’ emotions as well as physical symptoms. And when unaddressed, they can last a lifetime.

To begin, let us understand what constipation represents on an emotional level. Constipation represents holding onto unprocessed emotions. In a healthy body, the food is digested and processed, the nutrients from it get absorbed into the body and everything that is not needed is secreted out of the body. When the digestion and processing in the body does not function in a healthy way, this process gets disrupted and the body holds on to the unwanted stuff leading to constipation. Similarly, when we are unable to process our emotions in a healthy way, our body holds on to them and stores them and asks for our attention through one or more physical symptoms.

To summarize the session for you, we saw that the constipation and everything that it represented, belonged to the client’s mother. The constipation represented all the held and stored emotions(especially giref) of the clients’ mother. The clients’ mother had lost a child within a few days of his birth. But she did not get any time to process her grief and pain because of all the other repsonsibilities she had. In her state, she just carried on with life. The unprocessed grief and pain turned into constipation for the mother and eventually her daughter(the client) also ended up with the same symptom without knowing the reason for it. 

This can be understood in terms of the subconscious loyalty, and the blind love of a child for her mother. Out of blind love and loyalty, the client carried her mothers’ pain and grief in the hope that she would be able to alleviate her mothers’ symptoms and also get love and attention from her. However, unfortunately, neither the mother nor the client got the opportunity to process all the stored emotions and the client has ended up carrying her mothers emotions for a very long time. It can only be hoped that this session would help alleviate the clients symptoms.

The constellation came to a close beautifully, with the client and her mother connecting with each other and taking their rightful positions as well as responsibility for what belongs to them respectively.

Almost 3.5 months later, the client feels relief and constipation is about 50-60% reduced now.

The blind love and hidden loyalty is something that we carry subconsciously and we can bring it to our conscious awareness only when we begin to do our inner work and when we have the willingness to bring some change in our lives. Our physical, mental or emotional health can give us the opportunity to bring healing and change in our lives, if only we are ready to listen to our body, mind as well as emotions.

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