“I have a fear of success.”

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“I have a fear of success.”

‘Mother is the face of success’, said Bert Hellinger and that is what we saw in this constellation.

The client wanted to address her fear of success in this session. Right from the start of the constellation, the client’s representative felt as if she did not know who she is supposed to be. There seemed to be a lack of identity. 

When we placed the element of success in the field, the client felt disturbed by it. And with a little more movement, the element of success morphed into the clients’ mother. There was a clear disconnect between the client and her mother. In each other’s presence, they were not feeling anything. Both were dissociated. 

As the constellation moved forward, it was revealed that the client’s mother was also disconnected with her mother(the client’s grandmother). As we brought in movement and expression between the clients’ mother and the clients’ grandmother, both of them felt better and stronger. And finally, the client’s mother could look at her daughter and connect with her.

However, the client was still feeling complete disconnection with her mother and her grandmother, and wanted to be away from them. At this point, we supported the client to complete her reaching out movement towards her mother, and as she did that she started to feel energy flowing through her and she could connect to her mother and receive from her mother.

The disconnect with the mother can happen because of various reasons. One of them being emotional and/or physical absence of the mother as we grow up. Maybe the mother was busy with all her responsibilities and could not give us enough time and attention in the way that we needed. And that led us to rejecting her and everything good that we could receive from her. 

The important learning here is that when we reject our mother, we not only reject her love and blessings, but we also reject the love, blessings, strength, success, and everything good that comes from our entire female lineage, because the mother is the doorway to our female lineage. For some of us, the mother or the mother figure might have been abusive and toxic. In that case, all we can do is thank our mother for the gift of life that we got from her. Even that acceptance and acknowledgement is enough for us to receive from our female lineage.

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