Tarot Teal Leaf Reading Event

About Tarot Teal-Leaf Reading

In this 45 min session, I use Tarot cards and Tea-leaves to bring guidance, answers and insights to your questions. 

Tarot cards help dive into your current situations and Tea-Leaves highlight what you need to really focus on. The combination of Tarot and Tea-Leaf is a powerful divination tool to receive answers. All you have to do is allow yourself to receive!

This is a comprehensive session to guide you on your career, finances, relationships, spiritual path and more.

Please note that health and legal queries are NOT taken.

The session takes place online only.

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Sakshi Kalra

Sakshi facilitates healing and transformation in the lives of her clients by holding space for them to do their own inner work. She believes in deep listening and authentic sharing and her desire is to create a community of such like-minded people.

She works in sync with the moon cycle and her own menstrual cycle and wishes to empower women to own and honor their menstrual cycle as well. The Goddess works in her, with her and through her.

When she is not working, she might be found with her friends, buried in a book, binging netflix or she might not be found at all.

Words of Appreciation


What is Tarot & Tea-Leaf Reading?

Tarot card reading and Tea-leaf reading are divination tools used to answer questions, receive insights and guidance on life situations. These divination tools tap into the energy of the querent and bring clarity and resolutions to them, if they are open to receiving. 

These are ancient divination tools which have been used for centuries now, to divine, to predict, to answer and to question as well.

They can be highly supportive when used with an open mind and a grateful heart.

How are the sessions conducted?

These sessions are conducted online only, via video or audio call.

What about confidentiality?

The sessions are completely confidential. The sessions are not recorded and all the information shared during the session remains between the querent and Sakshi.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are given only when the session is canceled from our side. The option of rescheduling your session is always offered within a time frame of 2 months from booking.

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