Devi Sadhana Work Shop

Devi Sadhana

Moving through me
SHE creates ripples
Of love and compassion
Of light and darkness
Of suffering and healing

In this dual world
SHE makes me her channel towards nonduality
Waking me up
Waking up others through me

SHE is shakti
SHE is devi
SHE is the janani

In HER glory
In HER name
In HER love


I invite you to 9 nights of Goddess Immersion. We shall be meeting three times to practice together. Practices and suggestions shall be shared with the participants for all 9 days.

Silence is going to be a key component of this sadhana.

If you hear the call of the Goddess, then join the community to celebrate HER, this Navratri!

Registration closes on 24th September 2022.


Sakshi Kalra

Sakshi facilitates healing and transformation in the lives of her clients by holding space for them to do their own inner work. She believes in deep listening and authentic sharing and her desire is to create a community of such like-minded people.

She works in sync with the moon cycle and her own menstrual cycle and wishes to empower women to own and honor their menstrual cycle as well. The Goddess works in her, with her and through her.

When she is not working, she might be found with her friends, buried in a book, binging netflix or she might not be found at all.

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