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“I have a fear of success.”

‘Mother is the face of success’, said Bert Hellinger and that is what we saw in this constellation. The client wanted to address her fear of success in this session. Right from the start of the constellation, the client’s representative felt as if she did not know who she is …

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“I can feel it[depression] in my body.”

The client wanted to address her depression and the related mental health symptoms which she had been feeling for many years. Her mental health had taken a severe toll on all aspects of her life, especially her career. She had been trying for a while to move forward in her …

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Relationship between constipation and grief that travels from one generation to the next

The 73 year old client wanted to address the constipation that she had been suffering from a very early age. This session showed us how the blind love and loyalty of a child towards her mother can make her carry her mothers’ emotions as well as physical symptoms. And when …