“I have a deep fear of dead bodies.”

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“I have a deep fear of dead bodies.”

Earlier this year, the client came to me with her fear of dead bodies and she wanted to understand why she had this fear and what can she do about it. At that time we did a past life regression which brought up a lot for her emotionally and she was not fully ready at that time to work with everything that was coming up in the session. So we let that be and we move forward in our work and focused on doing inner child work.

This september, she once again brought up the same topic and with a lot of confidence and clarity she told me that she wants to work on this fear of dead bodies. She also mentioned that she is ready to explore her spiritual gifts, somewhere knowing within that this fear of dead bodies holds an inner ability of hers which she can use to serve others. So we decided to do another past life regression. 

As we moved into the session, the client found herself as a very old lady trying to survive the flu that had affected the entire region where she lived. She was standing in the midst of a lot of dead bodies and for her own survival, she was looking for money and other things amongst those dead bodies. 

Moving on in this scene, she realises that she can see a soul, which is leaving a dead body around her. And then she begins to notice the different souls, which are leaving the dead bodies. She is completely frozen and scared and doesn’t know what to do.

For the rest of her life, the client does not find any guidance or mentor to help her process and understand her experience and she lives the remainder of her life in fear and trying to run away from her past as well as her gifts.

Towards the end of the session, as she begins to understand the connection between her past life and the current life, she realises that due to lack of knowledge and guidance, she gave into her fear and never fully explored her gift of connecting to the souls of those who have passed on. In fact, she carried that fear into this lifetime as well from a very early age. And this fear showed up in her current life in the form of a deep fear of losing the people in this lifetime, fear of losing her loved ones. 

She also realised that she has had this gift in other previous lives(which came up in our previous session, earlier this year), but due to her own choices and decisions, some of which were unethical, she ended up losing her gift and then being fearful of it till the current lifetime.

So with this awareness and insight, she was able to let go of her fear and embraced her gift of connecting with the souls of those who have passed on. And presently, she is beginning to explore this gift and use it to support and help others around her. She is setting better boundaries around how to use her gift as well as learning more about her own self.

This is one of the beautiful things about past life regression that we don’t only let go of our fears, but we can also retrieve our gifts, talents and skills that we carried in our past lives. And another important thing to note here is that sometimes it takes us a while to be fully ready to do something like this. In this case, it took the client a few months to do her inner work and come to a place where she could face her past with courage and accept it, to finally move forward in her current life.

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