“I am currently under significant amounts of debt and as a first priority want to get rid of that.”

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“I am currently under significant amounts of debt and as a first priority want to get rid of that.”

Arvind(name changed), at 50years of age, approached me to help him improve his financial position and achieve financial independence. As we spoke in our first session, beliefs around money showed up which seemed to be carried forward by Arvind from his parents. So we decided to look into the money story of the family.

As we opened the field and placed the constellation, what we saw was that the energy of financial troubles turned out to be the energy of (receiving) money. Or rather a block in receiving money.

As the constellation proceeded, we learned that the energy of money was happy with the great-grandfather but it was not willing to come near Arvind or his father or grandfather. As a fact, we knew from the client that his grandfather initially had money but it was squandered and was never passed on in the family.

The field brought to light a secret about how the money was earned unethically and this made Arvind’s father believe that money is dirty and it cannot be accepted. Consciously and subconsciously, the father refused to receive the money and the financial abundance attached with it. And his belief, became a belief and a block for Arvind as he grew up.

As we moved towards a resolution, it was clear that Arvind was subconsciously carrying his father’s beliefs out of love and loyalty to him and now it was time for him to return all of that and free himself of the limiting beliefs which originated with his father. Arvind and his father both were willing to release those beliefs and Arvind was able to set healthy boundaries and became open to receiving.

Four months after the constellation, the client informed me that he received a windfall payment at work which has helped pay a major part of his debt and he was looking forward to the bonus in the next month. His investments have also been doing better.

Another very interesting thing he shared was this, “Sakshi, I have seen a change in myself. I am saying thank you a lot more than before.” Hmm!

So far in my life, one very important thing that I have learned is that true receiving automatically has gratitude with it. We don’t have to force gratitude, it just flows. And how true it has come to be in Arvind’s life. Receiving with gratitude!

Many of us carry beliefs from our parents. These are also called introjections or parent tapes which we internalize and can fully identify with as adults. These tapes can be around money, gender, sexuality, health, family, marriage, men, women etc etc. Some of them may be helpful and supportive for us and some can be highly toxic and limiting.

Earning money with integrity and humility is a good lesson/belief for children from parents but if the belief around earning clean/pure money is arising from a fear or a deep rejection of the energy of money and abundance then it can show up as blocks in the family.

What does clean/pure money really mean? What ideology are we adhering to and what are we really rejecting? What keeps us happy in our poverty mindset? What is the payoff in not being abundant?

These are important questions to ask oneself on the way to healing our money story.

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