“I would like to know the root cause why I cannot trust my partner, or why I get a partner who is not loyal to me.”

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“I would like to know the root cause why I cannot trust my partner, or why I get a partner who is not loyal to me.”

Drishti(name changed), age 28 years, contacted me to work on her relationship pattern and trust issues. She had been attracting possessive men who cheated on her and her marriage turned out to be toxic, leading her into depression, anxiety and trust issues. 

We spoke in length in our first session and she shared about her childhood memories, her father’s anger issues, her mother’s sacrifice, her own anger issues, the loneliness that she felt growing up, having imaginary friends and her fear of marriage. To me, she seemed like a happy-go-lucky girl and although her main intention was to get into a serious committed relationship, I was getting a feeling that marriage and relationship might not be her primary need at this time. Well, putting my thoughts aside, we planned the next session and found many answers.

We began the next session with a very specific feeling of pain and the word death. As we went deeper, the client found herself as an adult white male in a forest. He was lying on his back and a tree had fallen on his leg and broken his leg. He was in his dying moments. As he reflected back on his life, he realized that he had come to this place and slipped on some rocks, after her girlfriend had broken up with him and betrayed him. He was heartbroken. His mother tried to stop him but he didn’t listen. In his last moments, he was helpless, alone, crying for help and blaming his girlfriend for his fate. His last thoughts were, “I should have been with my mom. I would have been alive.”

Moving ahead from here, the client effortlessly dropped into another lifetime where she was a brown skinned tribal female in rural India. She has 3 kids and no help from her husband. She is exhausted, feeling alone and wanting help but she doesn’t get any. As we move further into this lifetime, she sees herself as an older woman, alone but powerful. She is an elderly leader in the village and everyone listens to her. She mentions that she has gotten rid of her family and is feeling good. She acknowledges her hate towards having a family. In her 90s, she dies feeling good about herself and with village people around her. After her death, she notes that earlier in the same lifetime, she had killed her husband and she felt good afterwards.

Now as she became aware of these two past lives and connected them with her current life, she understood many things. She understood why she obeys her parents completely in the current life, why she doesn’t really want a family/married life, why she wishes to be powerful and independent and why she has felt lonely since childhood(reflected in both past lives), amongst other subtler things. She also realized that she has been carrying the limiting belief that, “I can’t get the love I deserve.”

At this point in her life, this session has not only brought clarity to her in terms of her current life circumstances but also gives her an opportunity to choose. She has a free-will to exercise and create her life going forward. Her lived experience from these two past lives makes her averse to family life, very subconsciously of course and this is what makes her attract relationships/partners who are not loyal. Because when she experiences betrayal and lack of trust, her beliefs against marriage and family life from the past are reinforced, telling her that she is safe outside of family and marriage. This also keeps her in the loop of consciously wanting a loyal partner and subconsciously rejecting that out of fear. And this is what creates conflict and leads her to find answers as to why this is happening. Drishti is keen to heal herself more and so our work continues.

This is how all of us move from lifetime to lifetime, picking up beliefs, reinforcing them and making them our current reality. We consciously want something but subconsciously reject the same thing, creating conflict and confusion in our lives. Additionally, when we are ready to learn a lesson, we create the necessary circumstances around us so that we can learn and integrate that lesson. Some lessons are learnt in one lifetime, others take multiple lifetimes. With past life regression, we can receive the necessary awareness as well as healing to learn our lessons, understand our decisions, let go, surrender and make healthy choices. The onus of learning, letting go, surrendering and making choices lies with us. It is a personal responsibility. 

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