Birth of ‘The Sacred Circle’

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Birth of ‘The Sacred Circle’

Once upon a time there was a girl who never wanted to do just one thing for the rest of her life. She did not want to be stuck in a 9 to 5 job in the same office with the same kind of people around her. She wanted to have many different experiences, meet new people regularly, find new challenges and overcome them, make friends from all over the world and finally when she was a 100 years old or so, she saw herself sharing her stories, her challenges, her falls and her achievements with the world, with her friends and with her family. And the interesting bit is that this girl never realized this subconscious desire of hers until recently, after more than 15 years of being driven by it.

If you have guessed it already, then yes, this girl is me!

I completed my under-grad in Electronics, worked for event management and PR companies, moved to Bombay and worked with film and television directors, learnt one or two foreign languages, completed my Masters and M.Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, attracted occult and spiritual studies into my life, met & learned from enlightened masters and teachers, moved to Bangalore and worked with Microsoft Research Lab and over the course of some 12 years had a bright future in filmmaking/language teaching/embassy job/Ph.D study /academia/research (not in the given order necessarily). But …


But the Universe had other plans for me. Or do I say I had other plans for me?

At some level I knew what was coming and why but I still tried to run away from it. I still tried to hold on to ‘the secure and the known’. After changing careers a couple of times, I was not afraid of ‘the change’ but rather the limiting beliefs ‘I am not a business person’ or ‘How can I start my own work? I know nothing!’(No, I am not Jon Snow, I realized that later) and similar other beliefs stopped me from progressing. Well, divine intervention was right on time and I exercised my free-will. I understood that to overcome this limiting belief I had to do exactly what scared me. And so I did!

I asked for help. I asked for what I could do and how.

And you know what?

Help is what I received and much more!

And a few months later, The Sacred Circle is born.

I have been given the vision of The Sacred Circle by the Universe to bring together a community of people who heal and evolve together. A circle of like-minded light beings who love, respect and honor each other and hold space for each other to heal, to share, to listen and to help.

In the circle there’s going to be workshops, courses, one-to-one sessions and get-togethers soon. I’d also be sharing my experience of the last 36 years of my life through My Sacred Journal(thanks for subscribing to it).

I am extremely excited about the creation of The Sacred Circle because I am motivated by the idea of my own future self.

Who will I become?
What would The Sacred Circle make of me?
How much soul growth and evolution would I attract in my life by doing this work for the rest of my life?

If this sounds like a selfish plan, then yes it is.

If this sounds like a noble, authentic and genuine plan, then yes it is.

If this sounds way too ambitious, then yes it is.

If this sounds impossible, then no, it isn’t. You know why?

Because I have the Universe on my side at all times AND I know I have your support and blessings!


Welcome to The Sacred Circle!

She invites you on a journey towards evolution. The purpose of reincarnation is understood as being the evolution of consciousness. And this evolution happens nowhere but in a community, in a circle of people who support us, inspire us as well as challenge us. And The Sacred Circle aims to do just that.

As they say, “You create your own reality”, so, come be a part of this community and create your future self!

Love, Light & Joy

Photo Credit – @didssph

Comments (6)

  1. Rachana Nair

    Beautiful & Inspiring Story of your Life …
    All the very best ❤️

    1. Avatar photo
      Sakshi Kalra

      Thank you Rachana!

    2. Nidhi Karia

      Wow! This is a beautiful story of knowing the purpose of life. Wishing you abundance & enlighten experiences 😇

      1. Avatar photo
        Sakshi Kalra

        Thank you Nidhi!<3

  2. SS

    Sounds so positive and such a wonderful journey you had and achieved so much in so less time is very incredible and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story and looking forward to hear more new things !

    1. Avatar photo
      Sakshi Kalra

      Thank you so much for reading! I wish to write more and regularly, soon 🙂

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